Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer Time

England, the South West in particular has had temperatures of up to 36 degrees. Of course, it's very unusual for the weather to stay this gorgeous when I'm not at work - so I've taken full advantage! 

I started Saturday off with an early run to beat the midday heat and then off into town for a much needed summer wardrobe revamp. I was way too hot and sticky (gross) to try anything on so I bought EVERYTHING to try on at home (unfortunately, half of it will be going back). 

After an hour in the garden, Liam and I went for a lovely bike ride... for which my bottom is now suffering. I need to invest in a padded bike seat! 

Today was father's day, so as a girl who no longer has her father around, it was going to have to be a day full of distractions. Liam took me to Plants Galore in the morning and then we popped to Greendale Farm Shop for some lunch, shopping and to meet the animals. 

Gandalf did design and make his own cat father's day card for Liam, but unfortunately it did not arrive in time! He did give us both some cuddles, but the heat was a bit too much for the little man... time for a snooze in the shade!

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