Monday, 17 July 2017

Growing Catnip

I've often wondered if giving Gandalf (my cat, not the wizard) catnip was like giving a human marijuana. He goes completely mental when he gets anywhere near the stuff for about 5 minutes then is supper chilled out again... and it is very funny to watch. Gandalf loves the stuff, so I thought I would try my hand a growing him his own little stash!

I'm decided to grow it in a pot and position it on the patio, so little man doesn't dig and role around in my flower beds with his excitement. 

Gandalf helped me plant the seeds by attacking the packet and trying to eat them - and the hand that they were in (apparently the seeds do the same trick as the herb!). I then had to find a way to keep him away from the pot while the seedlings grew, so he couldn't eat them all before they started to grow properly. I kept them on top of our water butt (which is impossible for any cat to jump onto), kept the soil moist.... and waited.

As it turned out, one stem shot up while the others are playing catchup. Still, Gandalf didn't seem to mind!