Saturday, 7 October 2017

How to recover after a stressful time

I would like to start this blog post off by sending my thoughts to the victims and their families and friends of Sunday night's tragedy in Las Vegas. My Mum and her friend were on holiday in Vegas when the massacre took place and in the moments before knowing if they were safe, I experienced a wave of emotions and feelings that I cannot write or explain. I thought the worse had happened before hearing back from her to confirm that they were safe and am so thankful that my mum and her friend were in their hotel and safe when the shooting took place.  It saddens me that there will be daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and friends who had the same emotions as I, but sadly will not be able to welcome their family and friends home. 
I have been the most stressed that I think I have ever been (including when Liam and I bought a house - and we all know how stressed out I was about that!) these past two weeks. 

You may have read that I was on a secondment, working within a Portfolio, Project and Programme Management Office. Last week I had an interview to apply for the same position - but to make my contract permanent. I of course, put so much pressure on myself to get the position that I came away from my interview thinking that I had royally *not done very well* (... you know, rhymes with ducked up). Of course, we all feel this way after an interview for a job that we really want and I clearly didn't do as bad as I though as I was offered the job (Snaps for Lydia). I celebrated by going shopping on the Saturday, spending far too much money, coming home, sleeping on it and then taking half of it back on Sunday as I defiantly could not afford it.

The week just gone was spent doing a week course for PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner. I found the PRINCE2 methodology difficult to get my head around in a class room setting (I learn best when in practice, ya know) and for personal reasons, needed to pass the Foundation exam (which I did, more snaps!) so again, put a lot of pressure on myself. A few of us from the Foundation class, when onto Practitioner. This exam was on Friday and although I am more confident as it was more scenario based as apposed to facts and questions, these results have to be sent off to be marked, so i'm stressing over my result.

Now that it's the weekend and life is back to normal, this is how I have been and will be continuing to recover.

I've been taking some time for myself, to do what ever it is that relaxes me. I currently have another tab open, looking at prices for indian head massages or neck, back and shoulders massage in my local area. (I took half a wardrobe back last week, I've freed up some financial space for a rub down!)

I gave the house a good clean on Friday afternoon... tidy place, tidy mind. Lots of cat cuddles have also been scheduled in!

I've planned my week ahead to make sure there is time in there for myself. I'll be doing a big food shop and preparing the meals for the week so I don't have to do much when coming home from work in the week. I usually prefer to go into work early so I can finish earlier. This week I will be heading into the office for 9am each morning so I don't have to wake up early.

When back to work, if there are things I need help with, I will ask my fantastic colleagues for their guidance and help.

I will say 'no' to requests that I do not have time to complete to full potential and also say 'no' to some social events so I can put all my energy into doing absolutely nothing.

Once I feel back to my usual self and am fully recharged; mentally and physically, I will be back to my hectic schedule.