Wednesday, 7 February 2018

February's Alphabet: F is for Family

Family isn't necessarily blood. To me, my family are those who never gave up on me and who understood (or at least tried to understand) my troubles and worries. Family are the ones who love you unconditionally and whom you would give anything to ensure they are happy. Family have been with you when you were crying, laughing or cursing at the world. They hold your hand when you're sad and also when you're dancing. They can sense when you want to talk about something, or if you just want to pretend it's ok for now. Some family members even have paws.

For the family who is no longer with us, we think of them every day as new things we see and experience remind us of them.

I owe my family a hell of a lot for the love and memories they have given me. I wouldn't be me without them! To all my family; I love you.

NB: If you're not in the below photos, it doesn't mean I don't consider you as family! I just don't have any photos 🙈