Thursday, 8 February 2018

February's Alphabet: G is for Gandalf

Gandalf was in the Little Valley RSPCA centre because his previous family could not afford to pay for an operation that he needed. Gandalf had a UTI that went unnoticed for a while which caused a build up of crystals in his urinary tract – so bad that his kidneys were so infected that he almost died. Gandalf had surgery to remove the build up of crystals in his urethra and luckily, he recovered in good health and his kidney function returned to normal. Due to the severity of his condition, he had to remain on a prescription diet for the rest of his life and have regular check ups at the vet – which is why I imagine he was in the centre for such a long time with the cost and risks involved with his care. With all this in mind; it's a kick in the teeth that it was a car that got him in the end.

We fell for Gandalf, hook, line and sinker the moment he strutted into the ‘meeting room’ at the RSPCA centre. We picked him up a week later, expecting him to take a very long time to get used to us and his new home (he was a very nervous cat) – but after a couple of hours of sniffing around and finding his hidey holes he was meowing for attention and snuggled up next to use on the sofa.

Before we adopted him I had been feeling like I was missing something in my life – I have amazing friends, a perfect man, wonderful home and career – but I still had a hole that needed to be filled. I felt as though I was floating through my life with out any purpose other than to shop and decorate myself and my home. Then there was Gandalf. The silly cat who woke me up in the morning by lying on top of me and nibbling my cheek or bopping me on the head with his paw. The playful cat who got so excited when you come home from work and who threw himself onto his back so you could tickle his tummy. The mental cat who would chases his own tail and preferred to play with nail files and pens than catnip ridden toys. The cat who preferred to do his business if you were in the same room with him. The cat who jumped up on you when you were sad to give you an eskimo kiss.
I hadn’t realised how much I needed him until he woke me in the middle of the night by ‘washing’ my hair and then cuddling into my chest, falling asleep with me. I don’t care if I sound like a crazy cat lady; Gandalf filled that empty hole and made me feel complete.