Friday, 9 February 2018

February's Alphabet: H is for Home

We moved into our home January 2017; we painted and made our kitchen and living room homey and cosy, but then sort of just stopped. Even just putting my old bedroom rug that I had at my parents house made our bedroom look so much more welcoming. This year I want to concentrate on a room a month; starting with our downstairs loo -  the room that will be the cheapest to decorate as i'm still skint after Christmas!! (and especially since we can now use the downstairs loo after we (mostly me) unblocked our sewer - I know, who would have thought that I could plow through faecal matter!)

Liam and I have decided on a nautical theme for the downstairs loo (I know, such a cliche). It only needs a little something for the small space and blue is one of my favourite colours!

Next month we will focus on our bedroom. We still have some bare walls that needs a bit of umph!