February's Alphabet: J is for Jukebox

February 11, 2018

I sometimes find it easier to concentrate when there is music in my ears. There's lots of crashing and banging at work recently due to building works so I like to plug in. That being said; I have different playlists for when i'm at work and for when I'm at home. While writing this paragraph, I have Adele's Hometown Glory playing (the High Contrast Remix... TUNEEEE). There are certain songs that I cannot listen to while i'm working as they cause me to stress out (weird!); an example being Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song... it makes be feel like i'm not working fast enough or that i'm running out of time! Then there are my go to song's which get my brain churning out all the good stuff; an example of this being Electric Light Orchestra's Mr Blue Sky (also helps that it makes me think of Baby Groot dancing; which makes me super happy!)

(For anyone who's wondering... I dance like this.) 

Anyway, as I was saying. I love music and pretty much all genres, but these are my go to favourites at the moment, for work....

and for home...

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