Monday, 12 February 2018

February's Alphabet: K is for Kitty

I would like to use this post to introduce our new member of the family. A sweet little kitty who we have named Heidi. We spend more time looking for her (and even had to take our kitchen cabinet apart yesterday as she crawled under and up the back of the oven - good excuse to have a good clean out through!), which inspired her name. She was almost named Minnie; partly due to her petite size but also as she has a Mikey Mouse silhouette on her paw pads.

Heidi was a stray who was brought down from Birmingham by Pets Protection. She was snuggled under her blanket when we visited last week and it took a while for us to coax her out, but we soon had her eating out of our hand. Liam and I knew she was the one almost immediately. She is exactly the same in her new home; aways finding a cosy hole to curl up in, but will always come out for some cuddles and head rubs before retreating back into her hole. Her favourite two spots at the moment are under the bed, behind all the boxes and in the box of shoes at the bottom of the clothes rail (we don't have a conventional wardrobe, but two parallel rails across part of the room, so she can very easily crawl between the bottom rail of clothes for cover). We can pop our hand in for her to have a sniff and if she fancies a bit of loving, will instantly start purring, dabbing us with her tiny paw and rubbing hear head against us. 

Considering she is very timid and unsure of her new home and the noises that come with it; she is making lots of progress and slowly gaining confidence - we even got her playing with a little toy mouse this morning. We can see her trust in us growing each day and look forward to when she will trust us completely and know that this is her forever home. 

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