Tuesday, 13 February 2018

February's Alphabet: L is for Love

On the day before valentines day, what would be better to do than write about L-O-V-E and all the different types of love we experience. The love we have for our mum and dad; the love we have for our friends; the love we have for our fluffy family members, the love we have for our partners and the love we have for pancakes (it is pancake day, after all). But the most important thing to have love for, is ourselves.

Even writing this now, I know I don't put myself first as much as I should and I definitely don't always love myself. Having this as today's topic got me thinking about how can I change this? I've started a mindfulness and CBT online course which is helping me understand what I think, feel and want and how understanding my emotions can help me stop and think before reacting. I need to stay focused on what my mind and body needs, rather than what I want. It was Liam's birthday weekend just gone and we both ate far too much junk food. I always do this (!!!!) and at the time, I love it but always end up hating myself as I slouch on the sofa with my gut hanging out like Homer Simpson! I protect myself and stay away from people and situations that I know will upset me and always try to forgive myself for any mistakes that I have made. I am not perfect, no matter how hard I try to be; but if I can try to love myself as much as I love the people in my life; then that's a good start!