Friday, 16 February 2018

February's Alphabet: O is for Obsessed

I have, what some people may call, an addictive personality. I don't mean that people get addicted to my personality; I mean that I get addicted to things very easily. So this is about all the things that I am obsessed with (three of which I am addicted to.. can you guess which?)

Chocolate (or anything with sugar) 
Galaxy is my religion. Galaxy is my life.  Everything is better when you have Galaxy. Everything. 

My Bullet Journal
I can't go to bed unless i've unloaded and written down all my feelings from my day.  If i've had a bad day, i'll re-read the good day 'entries'; this usually cheers me right up. I spend far too much on highlighters, pens and post-it notes. I love this stuff!

Heidi Puss
Isn't she just so beautiful! We've had her a week now and she's already settled in so well. She loves my dressing gown and fluffy blanket and kneads the crap out them while purring like the little lion cub she is. 

Social Media
Guilty. Every morning starts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What did we do before social media?? Remember Bebo and how we could put our 'friends' in order of preference? I would always put my crush at number 3 (don't want to seem too eager now!) 

Our bed
I wake up every morning looking forward to getting back into bed in the evening. I'll snuggle up in the duvet when I get home from work with a book while Liam is at the gym and will usually wake up to Liam prodding me in the face, book scrunched up somewhere under all the layers. 

My skin
My skin ain't great. I've had every pill and prescription cream known to man and nothing seems to do the trick. My problem is hormonal acne; painful cysts all around my chin and jawline. I hate my skin and will spend hours staring at myself in the mirror, squeezing (I know you're not supposed to, but I can't help myself) and applying expensive potions and lotions; hoping that this one will work. The only thing that seems to get rid of them is being on annual leave and stress free! Maybe my skin will be clear when I retire in 40-50 years?!

My big hunk of a man. 

I LOVE food. All food. Any food. I can't help but shovel food into my face until I literally hate myself. I'm thinking about what i'll have for lunch while eating breakfast, what i'll have for dinner while eating lunch. I'll even have breakfast for pudding. 

Did you guess correct? Sugar... Liam... Heidi Puss