Tuesday, 20 February 2018

February's Alphabet: S is for Smear

Let's get serious now. Cervical screening, pap test or smear test. When a small sample of cells taken from the cervix and checked for any abnormalities under a microscope. Piece of cake, right? 

Of course, those of us who have had our smear test will know it won't be as pleasant as a piece cake. Unlike in America, us Brits don't tend to have regular gynaecologist appointments, I for one certainly don't; so the though of getting my bits out and the doctor or nurse approaching me with the medieval torture device (aka spectrum) makes me clamp my legs together so tightly that there may be chance I turn into Princess Ariel (pre selling her soul to meet Eric. Uh, she's so basic💁🏻)  

A few years ago,  there were a few weeks where I was convinced I may have cervical cancer for reasons I won't share on here. I had loads of tests and internal exams (excuse me while I go vomit) but nobody could find out what was wrong. The symptoms eventually went away as did the appointments and worries. Taking this into consideration along with how uncomfortable even thinking about having a smear test makes me; I would have 100 smear tests over 100 days rather than experience the emotions of thinking I have cervical cancer again. 

Cervical screening saves 5000 lives a year; one of those lives could be yours.