Friday, 23 February 2018

February's Alphabet: U is for Unique

Okay. So I fucked up. 'U' should have been yesterday. Perhaps we can pretend this didn't happen and carry on?? Yes? Fab, thanks!

We are all human; our bodies are all 50-65% water, we all have blood flowing through our veins and need oxygen, food and water. However; that's not everything we're about.  Each and every one of us is original. Unlike anything else, we are all one of a kind. 

Our individual personalities make us singular and special. Just like our fingerprints, no two are the same. What seems 'normal' to one may be unusual to another; but it is these unusual qualities that make us who we are... that make us unique. We may like or dislike the same things, but this does not mean that the reasons why we like or dislike something are the same. We may admire the same art; but this does not mean we interpret it in the same way. We may listen to the same music, but this does not mean that it makes us experience the same emotions. 

If you look real hard; you can find someone who is unlike anyone else. They are so extraordinary at being themselves. They do not give a damn about what anyone else thinks about them. They trust completely and love to the fullest. They are remarkable. They are you.

You are outstanding. You are extraordinary. You are singular. You are special. You are unusual. You are unique.