Tuesday, 3 April 2018

My Age Does Not Impact my Ability

I'm fed up. I've had enough of people judging me by my age. I'm sick of people assuming I have no 'life experience' because i'm younger than them.  I had to grow up very quickly due to personal circumstances and I started my career straight after college. I have fought to be taken seriously for almost 9 years and am unfortunately still fighting.

Picture this; there could be a 35 year old who started their career at 27, giving them 8 years of experience in a working environment. Would someone ask their age or doubt their ability? No. What about this? There's a 25 year old who started her career at 17, giving her 8 years of experience in a working environment. Would someone ask her age or doubt her ability? Yes, they do

The fact that I also look a lot younger than I am does not help the situation. But that does not give some people the right to ask my age or to judge my abilities on my young, wrinkle free face. I was successful in getting a job because I am capable of doing the work. Does the fact that i'm 25 change my ability? No. 

"You'll learn this as you get older" No; i'll learn it when I experience it. The age I am when I do, does not matter. 

"When I was your age..." Fuck off. 

I do not judge someone by how they look or their age and I wish I received the same treatment. I am fierce. I am confident. I am knowledgeable. But most importantly, I am capable. 
"There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more" 
- Robert M Handsel