Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Girlfriend of a Powerlifter

I'm writing this while sat in the audience of a powerlifting meet (initially in a notebook. I spend most of the day on my own amongst a huge crowd of people. If I need a wee, I have to leave some stuff on my seat otherwise I loose it; but I also cannot lug my laptop along with mine and Liam's other valuables. It's not the end of the day if a notebook gets pinched, so a notebook it is!*) 

I'm surrounded by smells of sweat (fresh and stale), baby powder, sick and ammonia (the smell gets worse through the day and clings to everything - can you imagine the 2 hour drive home?!). This is the forth or fifth meet i've been to with Liam; weigh in is extremely early and the meet lasts all day. I mean all day. Out of the door for 7am and back home by 9pm. Liam's weight class is towards the end of the day so we sit through the lighter weights together for the first few hours before it's time for him to warm up with the rest of his weight class and complete his lifts.

I'm pretty used to the routine of these things now. I know it will smell, so I bring along a scarf covered in perfume for sniffing to relieve the stench. I know there will be no loo roll or soap in the bathroom, so I bring plenty of antibacterial hand gel and toilet roll. I know it will be cold, so I bring lots of layers of clothing. I know it will be a long day, most of which will be spent on my own, so I bring two books and lots of snacks. I know it will be loud, so I bring headphones and music. Lastly, I know Liam will want me to take videos of his lifts, so I bring a portable phone charger thing. 

These meets don't happen too often; Liam will maybe do two a year, if that. But a meet isn't just the one day - it's also the 12 weeks leading up to it. I'm not going to go on about what he does during these 12 weeks, cause I have no idea (even if I did, I wouldn't want to bore you!).

We both wake up for work and head off. We'll both return; Liam will have a coffee and is then off to the gym for the next few hours. I'll give the house a quick tidy and cook dinner for his return (imagine a 1940s housewife, although I refuse to iron). I'll spend some time in the garden, blog, paint, read or watch telly while he finishes up at the gym, showers and watches one of his powerlifting podcasts; then we'll eat together, watch a few episodes of Family Guy or South Park (usually) before going to bed. This routine is repeated 4 nights a week. We have a 'date night' on Friday or Saturday and try to spend as much time together over the weekend, as it feels as though we see nothing of each other through the week. 

You may be reading this thinking that Liam's got it made with a live in cook and cleaner... but even if he was home in the evening, I'm still the one who does it. I love cooking and am OCD with the cleaning (even when he does clean, I always go around after him). The nights I spend on my own (if you're not counting Heidi) are a blessing in disguise. I enjoy my own company, as much as I enjoy the company of others and have got myself into a little routine so I get so much done.

*I didn't realise how much I chop and change my sentences when writing until I had to handwrite on some paper. My notes are so damn messy with so many scribbles,  arrows and crossings out!